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Creative & Branding Agency

We create digital and print materials that are based around the user experience and backed by strong visual strategy. As a creative & branding agency, our aim is to give your brand a clear and distinctive identity that is communicated effectively.


Our process

How we create

Let’s get started with discovering more about your business and refining what you want to achieve. From there, we’ll work on a concept and set of designs that we can implement. We make sure to offer a full handover so you’re in control of your assets.



This is the research and discovery stage where we work on finding out what the client would like from the project. Here we discover the journeys tone of voice, branding assets and colours.  



This stage is specific to each client and depends on the brief they have given. It is where our designers bring the final concept and tone of voice into visual communication.



Here all the graphics and resources will be applied onto media materials, making sure the clients ethos and brand image are carried throughout.



Once the designers have finished, a full catalogue of assets will be handed over to the client. The files are completely editable and everything designed belongs to the client.

Creative Agency

FDRY is an independent creative agency, delivering brand strategy services and digital design communications. We connect brands to niche audiences ensuring we build communities, culture and add value to your commercial marketing initiatives. As a London Creative Agency, it is our mission to help brands engage with their audience through creative design and digital marketing pieces. Want to challenge old ways of thinking and add innovation to your brand? We are your team! Our approach is focused on changing perceptions with beautifully crafted creative campaigns.

Creative & Branding Agency Creative & Branding Agency Creative & Branding Agency Creative & Branding Agency Creative & Branding Agency Creative & Branding Agency Creative & Branding Agency Creative & Branding Agency