Ecommerce website for a unique apparel retailer to attract & invite customers into an innovative shopping experience.



1xblue are a unique London based brand offering limited drops by designer Lois Saunders. Their unique approach to streetwear has amassed them a cult following since their launch in 2020.


1xblue approached the FDRY creative team looking to elevate their website and online presence. Looking to stand out from their competitors, they sought to create a minimal yet striking experience to convey their brand tone. The design team soon got brainstorming, ensuring they understood the scope of the website and the creative brief.


The FDRY design team carried out thorough research into 1xblue competitors in order to position them as strongly as possible. With the design team behind the user interface, developers were able to closely follow the design to ensure a seamless experience. Microinteractions and journeys were placed on the site to ensure that 1xblue users maintain engaged, ultimately encouraging higher conversion rates.



The bold and intriguing website design for 1xblue ensured their brand identity was effectively achieved whilst giving them the cutting edge over competitors. The implementation of strategically-minded microinteractions ensured that the user journey was fluid and engaging, encouraging potential customers to buy their products.

We sought to create a minimal yet striking experience to convey the 1xblue brand tone throughout the entire website experience.

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