Ecommerce website within the skincare industry which reflects the brand values & approach in a refreshed, modern & unique way.

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NAOS is an international brand combining Health, Beauty & Well-being. They work with healthcare professionals from across the globe to focus on better perseverance of the skin ecosystem and to strengthen its natural mechanisms. They bring high quality skincare ranges that aim to cater for all skin types, whatever their sensitivity or environment.


NAOS approached FDRY wanting a website refresh. Whilst subtle, the team wanted to provide their users with a much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing experience. The processes included a fresh UI, image editing, as well as overseeing new implementations to create a better UX.

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The FDRY design team assessed the concerns expressed by the client and as a result sought how to solve and improve each one of NAOS’s presented problems.

The design team addressed each issue carefully, assessing particular pain points in each step of the user journeys, and how to create a better journey through design. This resulted in structural changes of key elements of the site, including the homepage, collection and range pages, product pages, and the footer. These pages were redesigned with conversions in mind. Hence, essential information was effectively shared with the user at the right points and without overwhelming the journey.

One of the biggest design and structure changes included the product pages. Creating a well thought out structure to highlight key information and USPs of the products. Additionally, it was important for there to be a complete overhaul of the photography, this was achieved through editing, and thought out placement of imagery.


The NAOS website resulted in a modern, unique and universal look to reflect their brand, values, and ideal customer base. With a backend that makes it simpler to manage their promotions and marketing, a better user journey was established for new and existing customers.

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Key structural changes of key elements on the site including, the homepage, collection and range pages, product pages, and the footer

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