A Weathered Penny

E-commerce website design and development showcasing their stylish, minimal jewellery


A Weathered Penny (AWP) is a UK based jewellery brand, producing women’s and children’s jewellery. Their products are handmade to the highest standard with attention to detail ever present. They have a strong focus on quality finishing which provides their products with modernity. Allowing their jewellery remains stylish every season.


A Weathered Penny had outgrown their previous eCommerce website. With the business going from strength to strength, founder Kayleigh began to envision a refreshed eCommerce website. The envision was to be able to truly reflect the company’s identity as well as being one that could accommodate to AWP’s progression. Being well-versed in eCommerce design and development, FDRY shared Kayleigh’s vision of a stylish site that achieved a seamless user journey.

The FDRY design team started off by evaluating the existing site. Seeking out what was working, and what areas needed work according to user behaviour, which was seen through direct customer feedback and analytics. This gave us great insights into creating a data-led design that built upon an already thriving structure.


From the logo, branding guidelines and inspiration discussions with their design crew, FDRY’s design team took the initiative. This led to us creating a minimal yet impactful website design. With their product being heavily visual, it was important for the website design to support stunning product photography. This was so that the AWP range could be displayed in a clear and enticing manner.

FDRY collaborated on all our expertise in order to ensure that the layout and structure of the AWP ecommerce website delivered a smooth navigation, from site entry to product purchase. The user journey of AWP’s target market was at the centre of the wireframes and site structure proposed by our designers. This was so that once it was developed, the AWP website would present a pleasant online shopping experience.


The result is a prime example of how FDRY develop robust eCommerce websites. These websites do not compromise on design and branding whilst simultaneously striving for strong functionality. The Product listing pages make the most of the great photography. This also enables a model image to appear when a user hovers over a product.

This functional element perfectly showcases each product and simultaneously acts as an engaging interaction. The product pages use large images of jewellery pieces and have a zoom feature incorporated. This is to display them in their full glory and give users a detailed view. The eCommerce website teams a brand-faithful design with a seamless user journey, giving A Weathered Penny a great online shopping platform to accompany the continuation of their journey as a brand.



We love how all the design features of the website compliment the user’s navigation and shopping journey and hope that AWP agree that it reflects their brand and identity well.



A visual extension of the brand's minimal and stylish identity

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