The importance of Meta marketing for your brand

meta marketing

What is Meta? During the rebranding in 2021, Facebook adopted the name Meta, which has since become the collective identifier for its social media platforms, encompassing both Facebook and Instagram. What is meta marketing?  Meta marketing is essentially the marketing of your brand on Meta’s platforms (i.e., Instagram and Facebook) and is a game-changer for […]

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Things we’ve learnt about marketing brands on Facebook

Since its launch in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard University roommates, Facebook has undergone a remarkable evolution. Initially starting as a college networking site, it quickly expanded, becoming a global platform. Fast forward to 2024, and Facebook stands as a superpower in the social media landscape, maintaining its relevance. In the evolving world […]

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Marketing on X: The complete guide for brands

Marketing for brands on Twitter

When X, formerly known as Twitter, was introduced into the social media realm in 2006, it quickly became the go-to social site for users to share daily updates, connect with like-minded people, and express their opinions. Since the platforms introduction, marketing on X has become more and more popular among brands. In recent years, X’s position […]

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The ultimate guide to Instagram marketing

Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is no longer only for personal use. The Instagram app is now a worldwide platform where marketers can humanise their content, display products, and inspire their audience. Furthermore, Instagram followers are not just active but also engaged. Approximately 59% of the platform’s active users visit the site daily and spend at least 7 hours […]

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Are influencers the new big media?

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing, which was formerly regarded as an add-on, with no actual process or measurement structure, has grown into a data-driven media strategy that generates positive results at every point.  Many marketers still view influencer marketing as a PR channel, underestimating the power they have to drive results at every stage. The influencer marketplace is […]

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