Marketing on X: The complete guide for brands

When X, formerly known as Twitter, was introduced into the social media realm in 2006, it quickly became the go-to social site for users to share daily updates, connect with like-minded people, and express their opinions. Since the platforms introduction, marketing on X has become more and more popular among brands.

In recent years, X’s position as a leading social media platform has been questioned. However, X maintains its prominence in 2024, securing the 12th spot among the most popular social media platforms.

This platform provides an exciting opportunity for marketers and brands to build a community, increase sales, drive website traffic, and boost brand awareness. As a leading social media agency, we’ve learnt a trick or two when it comes to marketing a brand on X. Below, we share 10 insights to guide you in effectively marketing your brand on X. 

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1. Create compelling tweets

To distinguish yourself among numerous tweets on platform X, it’s vital to thoughtfully write and plan content that will resonate with your audience. Moreover, social media platforms, such as X, are effectively acting as search engines. Therefore, creating content aligned with what your audience is searching for is a strategic approach to ensure both engagement with your followers and optimal performance for your tweets.

The implementation of social SEO is crucial for enhancing the visibility of your brand’s tweets. A good practice would be to note the keywords you want your brand to rank for and regularly produce content centred around these keywords. This will boost your SEO performance for those specific terms, ultimately increasing the discoverability of your brand on the platform.

2. Use images and videos within your tweets

Statistics indicate that tweets incorporating images and videos often outperform those which are text-only tweets. Images and videos are an effective way of capturing users’ attention as they scroll through their feeds, making users more likely to pause scrolling and interact with your content.

3. Advertise on X

Advertising your brand on X can be a great way to reach a wider audience. Advertising on X options on X includes both X adverts and Promoted Tweets. 

X Adverts

The effective ad formats and targeting tools available on X allow brands to build marketing campaigns and strategies that meet specific objectives, such as increasing website clicks, engagements, followers, or app installs. Depending on your budget allocation, you can also utilise the advanced targeting options which include demographics, interests, behaviours, and keyword targeting, to reach a specific audience.

Promoted Tweets 

Promoted Tweets are a specific type of X ad format. These are regular tweets that are promoted to a wider audience beyond your existing followers. The primary goal of Promoted Tweets is to increase the visibility and engagement of specific tweets. 

They appear in users’ timelines like regular tweets but are marked as “Promoted.” For brands, it is easy to evaluate the performance of Promoted Tweets through engagement metrics such as clicks, retweets, likes, and replies. Your brand will have to pay a monthly fee for this type of advertising on X. The benefits in terms of increased visibility and engagement can make it a worthwhile investment for your brand’s marketing strategy on the platform.

4. Make the most of communities on X

The community tab on the X platform serves as an excellent feature, enabling users to connect with like-minded individuals by joining groups. Brands can capitalise on these communities to build authentic relationships and encourage users to visit your profile through meaningful interactions. It is crucial to adhere to the specific terms and rules outlined by each community group, as these regulations may vary among group administrators.

5. Interact with your followers to drive engagement 

Authentic interaction with your brand’s audience on X is a crucial component of establishing a strong brand presence on the platform. X remains a leading social media site for brand interactions, making it imperative to maximise this opportunity for your brand. Create content that actively encourages interactions between you and your audience, and prioritise responding to comments.

Participating in conversations and chats on X can be advantageous for your brand. Engage in discussions relevant to your brand, connect with others in your industry, and expand the audience for your brand.

Moreover, X has evolved into a platform for customer service management. The platform’s user-friendly reply feature facilitates prompt and efficient responses to customer inquiries. This aspect is particularly beneficial for small businesses, streamlining the customer service process and enhancing overall brand accessibility.

6. Use hashtags strategically

Incorporating relevant hashtags into your tweets typically leads to enhanced performance compared to tweets without them. To optimise your tweet visibility, research into trending and industry-specific hashtags is essential. This will ensure that your tweets align with relevant conversations, expanding your reach and engagement potential.

Notably, X is often used for news updates so, depending on the cultural climate, content creators and marketing managers can frequently utilise trending news hashtags when creating posts.

An additional strategy involves the creation of campaign or company-specific hashtags, providing a distinctive and easily recognizable signature for your brand. This also will allow your content to easily be found by users searching. 

The strategic use of relevant and branded hashtags is a great way to boost the visibility of your tweets and enhance engagement. 

7. Write a strong profile bio

With a maximum of 160 characters, what elements are you including in your X profile bio to make it memorable and attention-grabbing? As the initial impression users get when visiting your page, a well-crafted bio is paramount. It should succinctly convey your business, reflect your brand identity, and make a lasting impact on visitors.

8. Drive traffic to your website

An effective way to market your brand on X is to focus on generating website traffic. It’s crucial to link your profile bio and posts directly to your website or a pertinent landing page. 

Furthermore, maintaining synergy between your X content and website content is paramount, particularly if your goal is to drive traffic. Consistency in messaging ensures clarity for users, avoiding confusion and enhancing the likelihood of successful conversions.

9. Monitor analytics 

Regularly review your Twitter Analytics to gain insights into the effectiveness of your tweets. A deep dive into your analytics, allows you to identify content that is top-performing and receiving high engagement rates. This understanding provides a valuable foundation for strategic adjustments in your social marketing plan. 

Tailoring your content in accordance with these insights will allow you to align your content with what resonates well with your audience and will allow for continued success on the platform.

10. Timing and Frequency

Maintain a regular and consistent tweeting schedule to enhance your visibility on the platform. By consistently delivering content, you maintain a presence in your audience’s feed, increasing the likelihood of engagement and interaction.

Experiment with different posting times to pinpoint the times when your audience is most active. By fine-tuning your posting schedule, you can not only meet the preferences of your audience but also optimise the potential reach and effectiveness of your content.

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These 10 insights should help you to start building an effective marketing strategy for your brand on X. They are designed to help you to increase your brand visibility, enhance engagement, boost brand awareness and drive website traffic to increase conversions.

We are a leading social media marketing agency and support brands in planning and implementing marketing campaigns that are creative, strategic, and grounded in data-informed insights. Our team of digital marketing experts would be happy to arrange a discovery session with you to learn more about your brand, and your digital marketing objectives. Or alternatively, send us a brief and contact [email protected].

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