Marketing your brand on Threads: Everything you need to know

Threads, first introduced into the social media scene in July 2023, remains the youngest among its fellow social platforms. However, despite being only in its infant stages, it is safe to say that the platform has made quite an impact in the social realm as creators raced to build a Threads marketing strategy.

With 10 million users in one day and 100 million users in under five days, Threads certainly knew how to make an entrance. Threads is an add-on to the well-known and well-loved platform, Instagram. Whilst its connection to Instagram might have given the young platform a helping hand with its overnight success, these statistics are still both impressive and unheard of.

So what is Threads? 

Threads is a text-let social platform that also supports image and video sharing, commonly compared to social platform X. It is an Instagram add-on created by meta, created to fill the gaps that Instagram has been missing – a more intimate approach to social media, with a focus on building meaningful connections. 

Within its first few hours (yes hours!), celebrities and brands were already all over the platform, trying to navigate what content their Threads audience responded the best to. The likes of Google and Channel 4 were quick to set up their channels, making their presence on the platform known.

Whilst it’s safe to say that the platform’s initial buzz might have dipped 6 months later, it is clear that Threads offers a unique and different space for businesses to market their brands and gives content creators and marketing managers a new channel to navigate. 

How are brands already using Threads? 

One thing is clear when looking at brands on the Threads app, a casual unfiltered approach to content is favoured among creators. 

We know that building a whole new marketing strategy for a completely new social media platform can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top five tips for getting started with marketing your brand on Threads.

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5 tips to getting started on Threads

1. Engagement is crucial

Engaging in meaningful conversations and creating meaningful connections is essential on Threads. Replying to any comments on your content and engaging with others in your industry and of course, with your Thriends (Threads + friends = Threinds), are critical to building a community on the Threads app. 

Dedicating time to both content creation and community management on the platform is pivotal for developing a successful Threads marketing strategy. Allocating time to both aspects contributes significantly to the growth and maintenance of your presence on the platform.

2. Be relatable and creative

To encourage interaction and engagement with your content on the app, it’s essential to produce relatable and creative material. Both users and creators tend to favour a lighthearted and unfiltered approach, with a preference for humorous content over more serious tones.

3. Make the most of the topic tag

In December 2023, Threads announced the new update we’ve all been waiting for… hashtags! Well, they’re not officially called hashtags but they essentially function the same way under the alias of topic tag.

What is a topic tag? 

Functioning the same way as a hashtag only, you are only allowed one tag per post, topic tags allow you to tag a pertinent theme from your post seamlessly into your content. 

At first topic tags were being used to reach other Thread users within a community, with #Tech Threads particularly taking off.

4. Engage with trends 

As with any other social media platform, engaging with trends can be an effective marketing strategy on Threads to increase reach and boost audience engagement. An example of a trend on Threads app is the girls supporting girls trend or the tag a small business trend. 

Creators who engage with these trends on the app have experienced significant growth on the platform.

5. Maintain your brand identity 

While tailoring content plans for a particular platform and its audience is crucial, it’s equally essential to uphold your brand identity across these platforms.

When starting up your brand on Threads, it’s important to preserve key elements of your brand, whether it’s your brand colours, tone of voice, or imagery. By doing so, even if the content is unique to a specific platform, audiences can seamlessly navigate from one platform to another and to your website, gaining a consistent understanding of your brand identity.

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These 5 insights should help you start navigating Threads and build an effective marketing strategy for your brand on the app. 

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