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Website & system design & build to support WorkZone in Westfield, strengthening their management of job hiring.


WorkZone are a recruitment and careers advice service, partnered with Westfield shopping centre and Hammersmith & Fulham council to offer a free service aimed at helping people to find jobs and start careers. They provide advice on career choices, training and how people can obtain the right qualifications to get them to where they want to be in their job search. Foundry Digital had previously worked with WorkZone, with a view to upgrading the job section of their website in the near future. We were very pleased when they got back in touch to ask us to follow through on our promise to help them improve their users’ experience.


WorkZone came to Foundry Digital in search of a website overhaul. They needed their website to be updated so that it became more engaging and user-friendly with regard to both design and functionality.

Previously, the section of the WorkZone website dedicated to Jobs was being run by a third party which had been limiting to the user interface and functionality of the site. This area was not branded and didn’t fit well with the rest of the site, giving it a sense of inconsistency which required attention. Importantly, the setup of the job application process provided by the third party website was not in line with what WorkZone strive to offer their clients, and as such the process required some streamlining. Foundry Digital were happy to re-visit a previous project giving us an opportunity to provide solutions to the problems that WorkZone were experiencing as a result of the limitations to the interface.


Our designers created more of a fresh looking website to develop WorkZone’s identity through use of colour and interactive elements, whilst presenting their services in an organised and comprehensive way.

As well as this, Foundry Digital developers worked with WorkZone and Westfield London to create a new job vacancies area that was designed to be completely bespoke to the needs of WorkZone and their clients. The aim was to simplify the process through which users sign up, and to alter the presentation of vacant positions to be more visually appealing with a strong brand presence carrying across all areas of the website.


The practical layout of the website allows users to navigate easily, reaching areas that are relevant and interesting to them and ensuring that their experience is seamless from start to finish. The interactive grid design on the Home Page provides simple signposting to the various sections of the website, and the side navigation menu on the inner pages offers an alternative and clear way for users to reach a range pages, catering for the range of audiences that the website attracts.

Further benefits to the redesign have also been recognised by WorkZone as well as the clients who use it. The changes allow the WorkZone team to manage and maintain the job vacancies on offer with greater ease. As well as this, candidates now have dashboards which are personalised to their own job search where they can keep up to date with the progress of their applications for a wide variety of roles offered by the platform. Employers similarly have more control over their vacancies that they have posted onto the platform, and can efficiently move candidates through the application process.



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A bespoke system that makes managing jobs more simple

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