Urban Retreat

Combining a luxurious & relaxing tone to create London’s ultimate beauty & wellness destination online.

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Urban Retreat dedicates itself to becoming London’s ultimate beauty and wellness destination. You can find the most luxurious and relaxing treatments with world-class professionals, from hair to hair removal, for any occasion you need.


Urban retreat sought to refresh their website for their Qatar and London locations to offer their clients a more luxurious and friendly online experience. The FDRY team created a focus on extending their previous website with improved design, user experience and overall functionality. Our approach took on what the Urban Retreat team wanted to communicate and how they wanted their clients to see each product and piece of content on the website. With the brief in mind, we created a timeless website that accommodates their range of products, services and information pieces that also welcomes customers to look further and encourages brand loyalty.


Our UX designers took into account all the design elements that the Urban Retreat team wished to keep from their previous design, such as the gold brand colours being present on every page and the layout of the homepage. Our designers looked to keep subtle bits of gold, such as in the logo, links, and icons. The design of every page creates a seamless user experience and is as easy to navigate as possible. It avoids any confusion or overwhelming users with content. FDRY designed each service to concisely showcase every sub-service, making it easy for the user to engage with the website. Likewise, the information pages were laid out to showcase content.

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Combining a luxurious and relaxing tone with a website refresh, the FDRY team created a smoother and clearer journey for every user whilst effectively communicating the Urban Retreat brand and its services and content pieces.


We created a timeless website that accommodates their range of products, services and information pieces.

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