Brand creation, ecommerce design & development to create an online virtual shopping experience.


Umay is a virtual shopping experience offering shoppers key looks based on their unique personality ensuring you dress to impress every time. The concept is based on Umay’s understanding that it can be time consuming to find and choose the right outfit, whether you’re aiming for a relaxed city stroll or headed to a special occasion. So Umay offer a virtual shopper service that enables the modern woman to find the perfect outfit in 3 simple steps.

The Style Journey has three steps: choosing the personality type the customer feels represents them the most; browsing the looks that Umay creates for formal, casual or leisure wear; and finally selecting your preferred outfit. Throughout the process, shoppers are encouraged to contact the customer service personal shopping team who can offer advice on bespoke outfits, clothes sizing and customising services.


Foundry Digital have been on the Umay journey since its conception and as such have developed a deep understanding of the brand and how important it was to convey the unique Umay ethos to its customers. The word “Umay” was chosen to represent the brand as it implies the bountiful nature of life, and this was part of the brief that Foundry Digital was tasked with ensuring that the branding reflected.


Our designers worked to include the Umay ethos into their brand identity, paying particular attention to the letters U-M-A-Y.

As Umay is a fashion business, it was vital that the products spoke for themselves and as a result the colour scheme of black and white with an added neutral tone was chosen. The original request was for a completely monochrome colour scheme, but our design team suggested adding a soft colour to lend a more fashionable feel to the palette, whilst not detracting from the clothes.

The website design and development process for this unique online personal shopper project required in-depth research. To begin with, a number of buyer personas and user profiles were constructed so that the most seamless user journey could be identified and created. Umay is not just an eCommerce website but it also provides a styling service, making it different to any eCommerce project that the Foundry Digital team have completed before. Therefore, it was more important than ever to conduct testing and research to make sure that the user journey flowed well.

With user journey clarified, this was adapted into wireframes which reflected our experience, research and knowledge of what the Umay user would want to and expect to see on each page. Once wireframes were approved, the design team moved onto creating the website user interface.



The logo incorporates the name of the business and forms the shape of a lotus flower, a symbol of life and growth.

This is accompanied by a strong primary logo that spells out Umay using a stylish, yet timeless font. The font type’s has varying line weights that adds interest and impact to the logo and makes it look impressive on a range of colours and materials. It is a timeless design that achieves the brief requesting a minimal and en vogue look.

The website design is heavily visual and image focused, with the aim for the website to be clean and user-friendly whilst showcasing the clothing at its forefront. The Look pages have large, dynamic galleries and videos to make them engaging and showcase the styled looks to their full potential.

Home and How It Works houses a visual breakdown of the customer journey to show off Umay’s virtual shopper experience. The journey is numbered with branded illustrations to guide the visitor through the virtual shopping process that Umay offers.


A timeless design, achieving a stylish look

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