TT Revlis

Ecommerce website design and development showcasing their sophisticated, elegant jewellery


TT Revlis offers handmade real silver bracelets with precious gemstones for men and women. Their jewellery is crafted by hand and made in Thailand to the highest quality finish. Experience luxury with a conscience and enjoy jewellery which has elegance with purpose. The epitome of timeless elegance, their products ensure that you stand out with sophistication and grace in every gesture.


Anish and Rishab, TT Revlis founders, approached FDRY in need of an ecommerce website refresh and revamp, with the vision of having a site which reflected the sophistication, elegance, and grace of both their jewellery and audience. The team shared their vision and got to work on designing a sleek, stylish ecommerce website with a seamless user interface. 

We started the process with undertaking extensive competitor research and analysis which allowed us to identify gaps in the market and enhance the service offering. The team also collaborated with Anish and Rishab to create a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) document, enabling us to analyse and understand what was happening on the current website.


TT Revlis required our expertise in coding and design work in order to create an elevated site with a strong user interface that would allow customers to navigate seamlessly around the site. 

With their product being primarily visual, it was crucial for the website design to support their product photography. Keeping this in mind, we designed a stunning product lookbook which customers can browse before purchasing. We designed a product spotlight on the homepage, highlighting bestsellers, which means that customers can now navigate to checkout in just a few clicks. 

Another important element of our design was the site’s new connection with Klaviyo, allowing for email marketing automations directly on the website. With clear guidelines from Anish and Rishab, we seamlessly integrated their clear branding elements and segments of colour from their original design into our new, stylish, and sophisticated one. 


The introduction of strong brand elements and the design of a seamless user journey flow means that customers can now quickly and easily navigate from product pages to checkout. Our new design has meant that user engagement has improved and users are spending longer on the site. We have provided TT Revlis with a refreshed ecommerce site which now appropriately matches the elegance and grace of their products. 

From the product photography and branding to the messaging and copywriting, we created a site which was sleek, masculine, and elegant, perfectly reflecting their young audience who appreciate long lasting quality jewellery.

A visual extension of the brand's masculine and sophisticated identity.

We love the transformation we delivered, from the user interface to the creative elements that were added.

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