Ecommerce website design that captures the essence of wellbeing and good health


The HVN is a retail space in Knightsbridge where people can connect with their wellbeing through a range of different wellness treatments. Their vision is to allow people to become the architects of their own wellbeing through their range of treatments and products. As well as their own products, The HVN stock products by Zo Skin Health, Alqvimia, Albiva and Paveau.


The HVN approached FDRY in need of an ecommerce website design and build that would successfully reflect the look and feel of their brand which they so effortlessly capture through the design of their urban retreat in Knightsbridge, London. The HVN’s vision went beyond just the look and feel of the site, detailing the need for a site which could also connect people with both their products and treatments, which up until this point had been separate. 

The first step was obvious, the FDRY team made a visit to The HVN’s urban retreat in Knightsbridge. After our visit, we knew what was required of us in order to create an ecommerce site that would reflect the calm and clear environment created in their wellness retreat. 


After our visit to the wellness retreat, we reviewed the brand guidelines, and examined the elements the client wanted to enhance. The FDRY team created a seamless user interface and used our Shopify expertise to design elements that would improve the functionality and overall design of the site. 

The FDRY developers started work in the back office, completing the necessary coding and integrating payments systems, product data, collections, delivery information, and customisations to ensure a smooth user journey throughout the site. We integrated appointment management software, Zenoti, into their ecommerce site which means that they can manage bookings and product purchases all in one place, as well as build customer profiles. 

We completed thorough UI and QA testing which gave us the confidence that we had designed and developed a site that both reflected the brand’s vision and aesthetic as well as had a seamless user journey that connects customers with the brand’s products and treatments all in one site. 


The result is a beautiful and organic website that is in sync with The HVN ethos of wellness and reaching a 360° approach to complete health. We created a seamless user interface and included integrations with third parties from online and retail customer management and delivery and distribution to multi payment integrations. From the branding through to the seamless user interface, the ecommerce site benefits from both FDRY’s creative and technical expertise which combined enhances the user experience and journey on the site.

We created a store which resembles the place where a visitor's wellness journey will start.

We love the way we managed to capture the true essence of The HVN brand and translate their identity into an ecommerce store.

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