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Website coding for Stirling Square Capital Partners working for Best & Co.

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The Brand

Stirling Square Capital partners are a mid-market private equity firm that seek transformational buyouts across Europe. Their aim is to help local and national champions transform their businesses into global industry leaders.



We worked with Best & Co who are a communications business to code the Stirling Square website. Best & Co came to FDRY because they wanted to make sure that their designs could be coded by someone with expertise in the area. 

This was a corporate approach in which we worked with another company to ensure Stirling Square got the outcome they desired.



Having taken the time to fully get a feel for Stirling Square through the work of Best & Co, our development team got to work coding. It was key to make sure that the website ran smoothly. This is so that the Best & Co designs could be accurately showcased across the platform. The development team succeeded in enhancing a website to be coded to the best of its ability. Ensuring Stirling Square would be left with a user friendly, highly efficient website. Visit the website here.

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The final result was a website refresh from Best & Co making sure that the website carried the values of the firm. Best & Co succeeded in smart and effective designs flowing throughout the website, whilst FDRY were on hand to make sure the coding was done to the high standard that Best & Co had created. 


Excellently coded website.

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