A complete overhaul of UX and UI in order to provide users with a clear and smooth ecommerce journey.

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The Brand

Solve Collectibles is an online collectibles shop mainly selling football cards and stickers. Solve Collectibles also sell collectible figures and merchandise that once belonged to football social media influencers. Since its opening in August 2020, Solve Collectibles has quickly become one of the UK’s number one stores for buying individual football cards.




Solve Collectibles approached FDRY at a time of rapid growth within their business. The website required a new approach to cater better to the increased number of customers and users of the site. Wanting to stand out from the competition and become a leader in the market, FDRY suggested a bold approach to the website design.


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FDRY designers started on the Solve Collectibles website by mapping out the best content architecture. All while taking into account their stock levels and relationships between products and categories. As a store with a large quantity of products, the design team made this as digestible as possible.


Solve Collectibles wanted a complete refresh, and wished to step away from their old website design. For the UI, the FDRY design team had only the logo to go from. Therefore, these colours were maintained as part of the brand across certain areas of the site. Moreover, wanting to create a stand-out look, the team sought to use bold elements. Such as; lines and blocked areas which also worked to resemble a football pitch.


The FDRY development team created bespoke interactive elements for the website, to ensure complete uniqueness for Solve Collectibles. The UI was closely followed from the design to create a visually appealing and engaging website. Whilst making sure the website maintained seamless functionality.



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Solve Collectibles resulted in an overhaul of the website, from a complete design refresh all the way to complex journeys made easy to the user to optimise conversion rates.


Visit the Solve website here.


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The FDRY development team created bespoke interactive elements for the website to ensure complete uniqueness for Solve Collectibles.