Website redesign & development to provide the Sakura UK site with a renewed look.


Sakura Business Solutions Ltd is a West London based accountancy and business advisory firm with a unique approach that differs from more traditional accountancy firms.


Impressed with their more recently updated Sakura Irish site. Sakura sought a similar refresh to their UK site to give their online presence a boost of energy. It was therefore the aim to update the UK site to establish a more contemporary feel in line with the Irish version so that the brand would have uniformity.


Our designers set to work exploring how softening the purple hues and including more of a human element to the website could make it more welcoming.

A challenge was the extensive content in a clean and manageable way. Incorporating a side menu enabled attractive design whilst housing the necessary amount of content for the site to be informative to visitors.


The Services section exemplifies how we know how to choose and utilise visual elements such as icons alongside structural choices such as side menus to assist in a user friendly site.

More photography has been employed throughout the website in order to add a more human feel to the website and assists in conveying the business’ personality.



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Smart webdesign that teams attractive extension of the brand with user friendly functionality

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