Brand identity, website design & development to assist RHS in their support of the NHS.


RHS is an organisation set up to support our NHS by offering a comprehensive insourced/outsourced healthcare service, aimed at reducing the backlog that inevitably comes about in the more understaffed medical specialties across the UK. They help the NHS to reduce waiting times in a cost-effective and comprehensive way, improving the functioning of our health service.



Foundry Digital were approached by RHS to design their logo and create a colour scheme which needed to reflect the organised and streamlined support services that they offer, whilst simultaneously demonstrating their high level of professionalism.

Along with the logo, RHS also asked Foundry Digital’s web developers to create a website that presented them as a brand, with the priority of clearly showcasing the services they offer.

In order to make a strong first impression within their market, RHS needed to promote their services in an engaging way that reached their target audiences. Foundry Digital recommended our marketing services, specifically using PPC search advertising to boost website traffic and grow brand awareness.


To assist RHS in promoting their services whilst also helping them to stand out within the healthcare industry, Foundry Digital’s design team tested a number of colour schemes and logo designs. It was important that the brand identity reflected a high level of professionalism, whilst also giving a clinical feel that aligned with what they offer their clients.

Our designers and developers collaborated to produce a clearly structured and organised website layout that directed users to different areas containing relevant information. As well as this, it was key to display services and certifications that demonstrated RHS to be a competent and leading member of the healthcare industry.



Foundry Digital’s marketing team created a targeted keyword strategy in order to ensure that information regarding RHS’ services reached the most targeted audience possible in order to boost click through rates. The aim was to write copy for specific audience segments to ensure that PPC adverts were viewed by the most relevant audiences possible. Two ad campaigns were run, one to boost brand awareness and one that was in direct competition with RHS’ biggest competitors.


The blue and white colour scheme was selected in order to align the RHS brand with the medical industry, and also to conjure up connotations of the National Health Service. The result is an appropriately minimal design which represents the healthcare staff provider’s service as being smart and professional.

The website that Foundry Digital have developed demonstrates RHS to be a responsible and trustworthy organisation, and lays out the services that they offer in a comprehensive and user-friendly nature. The organisation’s certifications are clearly visible to support their professional reputation, and are accompanied by a detailed description of how the business operates. As well as this, opportunities to get in touch with RHS are provided across the website, making it easy for visitors to make any enquiries.

Our analysis revealed that as a result of our marketing activity for RHS, in under a month PPC adverts generated a 189% increase in the number of new users visiting the RHS website, demonstrating success in our efforts to boost brand awareness. As well as this, we found that a number of users had searched for a competitor but had been encouraged by RHS ads to visit their website instead. Our two separate ad campaigns therefore succeeded individually, but also combined to generate a hugely positive outcome.


The new layout displays RHS services in a comprehensive and user-friendly way

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