Nikki Makeup

Bespoke masterclass membership system for highly regarded makeup artist Nikki Wolff.


Nikki Wolff is a London-based makeup artist with a dedicated following of 2 million. She combines artistry with personality to create gorgeous looks for well known brands such as Christian Dior, Cle De Peau and Estee Lauder. Additionally, her celebrity clients include, Salma Hayek, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and many more.


The Nikki Makeup team approached FDRY with the hopes of building a bespoke systematic website to host Nikki’s audience. Nikki Makeup worked with FDRY brand consultants Georgina Dawson and Kate Male, to ensure full cohesive branding across the new digital platform and marketing channels. 

The FDRY team were able to closely follow the planned design, ensuring every detail was implemented, whilst adding interactive and engaging elements to create the most intriguing experience possible. The collaboration meant we were able to hone our skills by embracing new ways of working.


The FDRY UX team worked alongside Kate Male to ensure the website was feasible and journeys were clear-cut for users to navigate, purchase, and interact with elements. Whilst this was being refined, the FDRY development team started setting up the membership backend, ensuring features and functionalities such as micro-interactions and gifting options were applied to make the experience as easy as possible for every type of user.

This made the application of the design quicker as we already had a base, allowing us to gather feedback in certain areas that were of particular importance. Overall, this ensured an even smoother testing phase at the end of the project when internal feedback was already implemented.



The result –  a classic, sleek, and friendly interface that is the first of its kind. An engaging and interactive site build welcomed Nikki’s following and allowed them to learn all of her best-held makeup secrets! Our previous experiences working with outside agencies meant that the team were pushed to apply other methods to our ways of working, which is exactly what Nikki Makeup needed to create the bespoke platform of their dreams!

Closely following the planned design, ensuring every detail was implemented.

Interactive and engaging elements were added to create the best and most intriguing experience possible for users.

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