NDUTU Safari Lodge

Website design, development & branding to transport you into the wild of Africa!


Ndutu Safari Lodge have built a reputation over the past 50 years as consistently being the choice of destination for expert guides, professional wildlife photographers, film-makers and biologists alike. The reason? It is simply the best place in the Serengeti eco system to watch and enjoy predators and prey, herds and hunters and is one of the finest locations to witness the extraordinary speed and spectacle of cheetah hunting their prey.


Creating the branding for Ndutu Safari Lodge was a journey of discovery with the aim of incorporating various characteristics of the Serengeti into a logo. The cheetah is one of the most commonly spotted animal around the Ndutu Safari Lodge during predator season, so it was natural that this would be the focal point of the logo.

Ndutu Safari Lodge wanted to increase their communication of being an all- year round safari destination. Therefore it was important to showcase their seasonal offerings in an attractive and user-friendly way.



Being a safari lodge that welcomes explorers from around the world, it is important for Ndutu to be able to educate their guests. They want to provide their guests with as much information about the surrounding areas as possible, so that they can fully immerse themselves in the unique Ndutu experience.



Hand-illustrated by one of our talented designers, the cheetah’s posture gives a feel of the animal’s movement and the added detail of the spots lends a strong likeness to the wild creatures themselves. The lines separating the name and location of the Lodge represent the plains of the Serengeti, adding another, more symbolic dimension to the branding.

Our design team created a colour palette inspired by classic African earthy tones, giving the website a clean, yet stylish feel and allowing the photography to stand out on each page. As well as this, Foundry Digital Designers teamed up with local topology experts to hand-illustrate a number of maps for Ndutu, providing a clear visual understanding of the Serengeti, its wildlife migration patterns and geography.

nudtu a3 map back



A function that our development team felt was particularly important to include was an image gallery, as visitors are drawn to Ndutu Safari Lodge because of the spectacular experiences and sights that are on offer so building a website that is primarily visually engaging was paramount. It was similarly important for the galleries to be easy to use, providing a functional experience that allows users to enjoy the photographs and be engaged by the exciting opportunities that Ndutu offers its visitors.

To ensure that all types of visitors to the Ndutu website found the information they were looking for, it was suggested to include an area specifically for Agents to provide Agents with useful information and documents about Ndutu. These documents include flight information, fact sheets, rate sheets and much more and are available for Agents to download for potential customers.


The colour scheme developed by our designers reflects the environment and landscape surrounding the Ndutu Lodge, and calls to action and buttons that encourage the user to “Read More” about a season, or enquire about availability, making the website an engaging visitor experience.

The Wildlife area particularly demonstrates how we utilised site navigation to encourage both agents and customers alike to discover all that Ndutu Safari Lodge have to offer, and the use of a secondary navigation menu allows website users to efficiently toggle between information about the varying seasons.

Each of the Migration and Predator areas provides a description of what visitors to the Lodge can expect during that time, as well as a gallery of stunning images taken around the area.

There are a number of galleries throughout the website containing beautiful images captured in the surrounding areas of Ndutu Safari Lodge, and maps detailing the location of Ndutu lodges mean that photographers and biologists alike can find the best sites for marvelling at the wildlife.

Our in-house design team created further marketing materials including document templates and business cards. With the logo taking centre stage and the reverse side clearly displaying details, the business cards allow Ndutu Safari Lodge to be promoted in a clear and professional way.


A functional experience that allows users to enjoy the photographs and be engaged by the exciting opportunities that Ndutu offers its visitors.

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