Navigate Connect

Platform development that allows members to navigate amongst a mini network of companies 


Navigate Connect is a web platform that is part of Frank Investments. The platform allows members to navigate, engage, interact and connect with dealmakers, individuals, family offices and investors to find partners and close more deals. Deal and investment opportunities on the platform include: M&A, capital raising, fund investment, private placements, co-investment and direct participation programs.





Frank Investments approached FDRY with a minimal brief. They knew they wanted to create a platform which would enable a network of members to connect with one another, however, they weren’t sure what this would look like. With only a minimal client brief, the FDRY team got to work right away, entering into many stages of strategy and planning in order to form an in-depth process plan that would take us through every step of the platform development.


After the completion of an in depth process plan, the team started on creating the branding, the logo, and deciding on a platform name. 

During strategy creation, the FDRY team identified four specific sections to include within the platform: a registration form, the deals, the investor mandate, and account management. The registration form was an essential element as it allows the platform to build extensive profiles of members. The deals and investor mandate sections benefit from a clean user interface, allowing for a seamless member networking process on the platform.



Along with the development of a seamless platform, the addition of strong branding elements, colour palettes and communication tools such as email flows and notifications means that we have developed Navigate Connect into an easy to use and attractive platform where networking and connecting is effortless and efficient. 

Since receiving the initial brief, the platform has progressed into a big project that keeps growing due to our design offering Navigate with different development opportunities to grow their offerings on their platform. 


We created a streamline user experience, from member registration to deal completion, that makes connecting on the platform easy and effective.

We love that we were able to provide a very easy process in a nicely presented web platform.

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