Growing sportswear retailer looking to unlock their full SEO potential.


Montirex are a cutting edge active wear brand empowering athletes across the world. Their high quality sportswear is built to enhance performance and give all their customers the confidence to push themselves to go the extra mile.


Montirex approached FDRY with the hopes of unlocking its full SEO potential, not knowing where to start and facing various technical challenges. Our client required the FDRY team to help on a more technical level, and with FDRY expertise on Shopify, we were able to fully understand their pain points and implement practical and high-achieving solutions.

The FDRY planning and development team understood the goals Montirex set out to achieve, such as wanting to rank for certain keywords, making sure website images, videos, and content were fully optimised, and technical SEO such as minimising script. All of this would ensure that the website was optimised for ranking while working hand-in-hand with their internal on-page SEO work.


The FDRY technical team firstly went through the theme build and structure to fully understand the code and backend of the Montirex site. As the site was built with Shopify, a familiar platform to us, we were able to quickly grasp the issues at hand.

FDRY implemented best practices to achieve good technical SEO ratings, some of these included doing thorough maintenance of the plugins and updates that were stored on the backend. Additionally, the FDRY team implemented changes in .liquid script (the language used by Shopify), and minification of CSS and Javascript files.



The result was an increase in their SEO ratings to a 96% on GTmetrix, achieving a grade A. In terms of practicality, this improved the page load speed and the optimisation of the contentful paint. This in turn will encourage more of their audience to find them, and then continue to create a smooth and great experience on their site due to their SEO efforts.

FDRY was able to quickly understand the client’s pain points and implement practical and high-achieving solutions through extensive SEO and optimisation knowledge.



FDRY implemented best practices to achieve good technical SEO ratings

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