Mint Green

A growing e-retailer looking to refresh & streamline their website processes.


Mint Green aims to connect mindful shoppers with planet-friendly brands. They are committed to promoting, supporting and selling brands that care about people and the environment.


Mint Green approached FDRY to refresh and streamline their website processes. They were looking to finally upgrade their website to provide a smooth and cohesive experience across the board to their users.

The former site lacked consistency in some cases, whilst some functionality was incomplete, leaving users dissatisfied and potentially losing out on sales. The FDRY team aimed to create a coherent journey that highlights the brand whilst, promoting greater rates of conversion and brand awareness.


The FDRY team started by updating and refreshing the existing website to firstly ensure a basic user journey. Once the basic work had been done, the team were ready and raring to get onto achieving the original vision for the website.

Part of the re-development included mending unfinished functions and ensuring all styling and branding was coherent. The FDRY design and development teams worked alongside each other to maintain this consistency between a fresh and modern look, whilst offering smooth functionality for the user.

An important aspect of the website for Mint Green was creating a bespoke page for a recently launched product. The FDRY team implemented a strategically-focused journey to make the product clearly stand out amongst a variety of pages whilst maintaining a cohesive environment.



The changes made to the Mint Green website resulted in a smooth and efficient user journey. On top of this, the FDRY team ensure functionality was consistent throughout and branding was coherent across all webpages.

In terms of design and development, this meant FDRY were able to be more creative around how to display certain content and features.

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