Complete design overhaul to bring this chartered psychologist strongly into the digital world.



Hendriks is a qualified Counselling Psychologist from the UK that specialises in mental health, women’s health and physical health. The client also focuses on how climate change affects her clients.


Hendriks approached FDRY for a website design refresh. The client aimed for a website that was user friendly and successfully conveyed her skills as a psychologist. The client sought to spread her knowledge on women’s health in particular and topics such as endometriosis, showing her potential clients that she can provide advice on these matters. The FDRY team aimed to discover what was important for Hendriks to convey to their users, as well as what was important for users to find once they landed on the site


The team at FDRY looked for optimal website structure to ensure that all necessary information was available and easily accessible for users. The design team also created a colour palette along with a logo to match the theme of the site.


The results produced by the FDRY team was a well structured website which provided Hendrik’s current and potential clients with information on her areas of expertise. The colour palette was also maintained throughout the site. FDRY successfully created a sense of tranquillity for the Hendriks clients within the site by focusing on the new branding guidelines.

Check out the website here

FDRY successfully created a sense of tranquillity for the Hendriks clients across the site.

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