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Introducing strong branding for a growing business.

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Born out of lockdown circumstances, Handmade by Hens was established fairly recently and has seen great success. With its handmade macramé hanging planters, craft kits, and wall hangings, they are successfully growing their business to include all sorts of handmade homeware.


Handmade by Hens approached Foundry Digital wanting to expand and build their business, requiring cohesive and strong branding. Foundry Digital collaborated with the Handmade by Hens founder to ensure a full understanding of the creative brief. After a few creative collaborative sessions, we were able to jump in and get started.


For the logo, it was decided that the aspect of “Handmade” was important to convey. This resulted in making it the most prominent part of the logo, as well as having a play around with the typeface to include elements of a thread fraying. It was important for the brand name to include “By Hens” as an integral part of the brand is the brand owner. This was incorporated by introducing the structure of the elements.

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Handmade by hens logo

Handmade by Hens resulted in a complete branding makeover, with strong consistent colours, typography and logo across their business platforms.




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Structuring and manipulating the elements to create visually appealing, strong branding.

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