Frasers Festival

A top British retail brand looking to promote their upcoming event.


British retail Frasers Group hosted an event called Frasers Festival to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The event brought together various brands and people for an ultimate celebration, consisting of fearless challenges and exciting entertainment.


Frasers Group aimed for a simplistic yet exciting website to promote the Frasers Festival event for all their participants. Participants would visit the site to RSVP for the event, view information regarding the location and date of the event, as well as to find out which team they’re in. Shortly after the spectacular event, the website was amended to include photographs captured on the day. The idea was to showcase the excitement surrounding the event through eye catching visuals and a bold colour palette. We aimed to make the Frasers Festival site user-friendly and appealing to the eye.


The FDRY team first began by creating a minimal and sleek design to promote and encourage people to RSVP to the event. To ensure users had a quick and easy sign up experience, the team used clear and concise information architecture. Vibrant visual banners helped maintain branding consistency across the landing page.


The results consisted of a vibrant and exciting website which accurately represented the spectacular event using branding colours and a clear structure to present information to participants.

Check out the website here



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FDRY aimed to make the Frasers Festival site user-friendly and appealing to the eye.

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