Webdesign & development project that found a balance of engaging design with informative content layout.


Foamhand are global leaders in modeling and planning major crowd management operations. Their vision is to develop seamless spectator experiences between transport and venues at each project they are part of. Their name comes from the invention of using foam hands to guide crowds which were an instant hit and easily identifiable in large crowds. since their debut at Last Mile, the foam hands have been seen at Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games, and we look forward to seeing them in Rio 2016.


Foamhand needed a website created to help launch the new crowd management service. Displaying and anticipating upcoming sports events is key to Foamhand whose business centres around the hype of such occasions, making a clearcut layout and website structure the key aim for our web design team.


Once a logical website layout had been achieved, Foundry Digital’s web design team brainstormed ways to enhance the funcionality of the Foamhand website. This brainstorm included fun features to build into the website and due to Foamhand striving to create hype around upcoming events, our web designers incorporated an events countdown function.

The website design aimed to create a visually appealing platform that was informative to users, helping to engage them using eye-catching images and bright colours.


The events countdown widget helps to engage users and boosts returning website traffic to the Foamhand platform.

The vibrancy of the multicoloured colour palette is eye-catching, captures the diversity of sports and events that Foamhand work with, as well as echoing the colourful Olympic rings.

Overall, the website achieves the brief of being a platform that is visually exciting and engaging for website users who wish to learn more about upcoming sporting events.




A favourite feature is the events count down to encourage hype around sports events

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