EW Adams

A website to successfully showcase EW Adams exclusive John Lewis Collection.


EW Adams is a third-generation family jeweller producing the finest quality diamond and coloured stone jewellery. Set within contemporary but enduring designs.

With a long-standing reputation in the industry as a trusted British supplier of fine quality jewellery. EW Adams has partnered exclusively with John Lewis to market a collection of exquisite hand-finished designs. Their extensive collection available at John Lewis offers enormous variety. Including diamond and gemstone choice, coupled with great range in price point.



FDRY was excited to begin a new project with EW Adams. We were asked to create a microsite that displayed the products available in their exclusive range at John Lewis.

It was essential to ensure that the EW Adams microsite would be elegant and sophisticated, with sleek navigation. This allows users to seamlessly lead directly to the John Lewis website. From here they can purchase the jewellery.

EW Adams wanted to showcase the jewellery available in John Lewis stores. Making sure that products were categorised and key information such as pricing was displayed alongside each product. Adding categorisation and clear information heightens the user experience.


FDRY’s priority was designing and building a website that showcased EW Adam’s stunning products. A further priority was to extend its brand and John Lewis collection identity.

Whilst producing wireframes and site layouts our designers made sure to keep a seamless user journey. It was essential that the product layout needed to be clean and clear. This was to present their products in the best light and entice users, and to motivate them to click through to the John Lewis site for potential purchase.

Micro-interactions, such as; hover effects were chosen to present key product details. Key product details can be the deciding factor as to whether or not a visitor converts to the John Lewis site.

FDRY made sure it was a priority to incorporate the model images into the web page. The designers found that extending the backgrounds and having the models sit alongside the ‘About’ and ‘Services’ text added a welcome element to the site.


The EW Adams microsite showcases the stunning range of jewellery available exclusively at John Lewis. The microsite maintains the brand image and allows the user to seamlessly flow between the brands.

The sleek navigation of the microsite, including page anchor points, ensures a smooth user journey. The menu enables users to find information or products they are interested in quickly.

With an elegant and sophisticated colour scheme in line with their brand identity, items are displayed clearly in a portfolio lookbook style to assist site visitors in seeing and engaging with the jewellery offering.



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A sophisticated design and colour scheme in line with their brand identity

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