Earth Regeneration

Website design & development to bring a renewed energy to Earth Regeneration’s online presence.


Earth Regeneration Limited (Earth) was founded in early 2010, as a niche strategic financial property consultancy, based in London. The company provide regeneration and property advice to landowners, funders, developers and investors, in both the private and public sectors. This advice leads on to the successful delivery of a variety of diverse regeneration projects, working in collaboration with design teams and other strategic advisors on large-scale placemaking projects in sectors including Arts & Heritage, Development Planning, Health, and Sports.


Earth Regeneration approached Foundry Digital to help them with their website, which they felt was outdated and needed to be made more contemporary. At the same time as designing an engaging and visually enticing website that appealed to visitors, our development team were also tasked with ensuring that the website’s back-end maintenance and management was easily manageable for the team at Earth Regeneration.

Finally, to be incorporated in the rounded project that Foundry Digital would be completing, Earth Regeneration also wanted to refresh their current colour scheme so that it fit with the more contemporary feel that would be given by the new website.


Our initial research phase revealed that the original Earth Regeneration website was not as user-friendly as it could be, with the user journey not being the central focus of the web design. Similarly, the back-end of the website was tricky for Earth to manage. As such it was clear that Earth Regeneration required a website that could be used as a reference tool, and that effortlessly guided users to the information that they required.

Working out how to implement the current Earth Regeneration colour scheme into the new website design in a way that wasn’t garish but achieved a sleek, professional feel was a challenge that our designers have faced before. As such, the use of colour across the website was considered, and a strategy to include the more appealing palette hues was decided on. Our designers discussed with Earth Regeneration that since the logo had represented the organisation for the past 8 years and had come to be widely recognised throughout the industry, it would be better to leave it unaltered. As such, our brand identity services were not required in this area but for the rest of the website design.


The new Earth Regeneration website has a structure that lays out distinct areas housing the services offered by the company, the sectors they operate in, and the previous work they have completed. The services are laid out in a methodical manner using thumbnails, each with an icon representing it and a description of what it provides. Each service was made clickable, inviting users to find out more about it and to subsequently get in touch via the clear call to actions provided on each page.

The case studies area of the website clearly displays previous work completed by Earth Regeneration, with an image of the project, the project name and a top level description of the work populating each thumbnail. As with the services, users are encouraged to find out more about each project by clicking on the thumbnail. Each case study then provides ample information about the project, who was involved, and what work was done.

Further features of the new website include the social media icons, which were added to the header of each page to encourage visitors to connect with Earth Regeneration on their channels. Further calls to action to find out more and get in touch are included throughout the website, creating an interactive characteristic for the new website.

The new Earth Regeneration website has a clean-cut, contemporary feel that has achieved the goal of the company to refresh their online presence. The user journey has been at the heart of the design and development process, making the new website easy to navigate with clear signposting.


Giving a new lease of life to an outdated website

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