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We incorporated the traditional branding while bringing a fresh look to the rest of the website to appeal to the new market.

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As a successful Italian originated company. Customer Experience UK has opened its services to the UK market, bringing professional, quality and concentrated knowledge to businesses. With excellent user experience consultants at hand to ensure a hands-on approach to bettering business, whether through training, engagement and operations, or business development and efficiency.


Customer Experience UK approached FDRY as an existing company with a fresh idea. As an already established business in Italy, they wanted a newly tailored website to suit the UK market. The team underwent the usual market research to ensure the Customer Experience UK branch had the best journey. Resulting in its new expansion while incorporating its existing brand.

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The FDRY team took the brief and found that incorporating the existing brand would be done by maintaining the logo and colour palette; while bringing a fresh look to the rest of the website. Our designers saw a chance to make the new design more upmarket to appeal to the UK audience. We showcased their brand new services, exclusive to the UK market, and incorporated more photography to adjust the overall look and feel for the UK market.

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Overall, FDRY presented Customer Experience UK with a simple yet enticing website perfect for their clientele. Each journey was designed and tested with a good user journey in mind and how this could ultimately contribute to the company’s goals. Once the project was completed the design was thoroughly implemented, alongside functions to appeal to users, encouraging more interest in the website, the brand, and their services.



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Each journey was designed with the goals of Customer Experience UK in mind.

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