Conc3pt London

A modern website design focused on an appealing look and feel and a seamless user experience



The Brand

Conc3pt London are event specialists with over 20 years of experience. By covering all aspects of production and event management, they ensure innovative and extraordinary event experiences. They aim to bring their client’s vision to life and create unforgettable, progressive and strategic events.


Conc3pt London approached FDRY looking for a website design and development that conveyed their vision of unforgettable event experiences. Having a logo to go from, the FDRY team looked to elevate Conc3pt’s online presence to perfectly match their branding.


FDRY worked out their best approach to achieve a design that best accommodated the styling and branding that Conc3pt was looking for. The challenge was to convey their vision in a cohesive online space. The FDRY design and development teams worked together aiming to portray a fresh and modern website, whilst offering smooth functionality for the user.

Conc3pt London
Conc3pt London

The outcome is an exceptional website that showcases the different works and testimonials. FDRY implemented design elements that combine a seamless and engaging experience for the user while navigating through the website. 

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The challenge was to convey their vision in a cohesive online space