Bespoke & cohesively branded website offering an interlinked network for professionals to advance their careers.



Careerfolio is for the freelancers, solopreneurs, and side hustlers. A digital space built for all kinds of professionals to share, gather and work together. Based on the founder’s vision of connecting one’s profession, vocation, passion, and mission. In order to achieve greater self-fulfilment and unlock the economic potentials of their productive capacity.




The Careerfolio team came to FDRY with an ideal website model. However, they had no direction of how to practically implement it or how it would appear to users. Running with the initial concept, the FDRY team gathered this project would consist of creating a fresh new brand, as well as a well thought-out website with complex user journey and functionalities.



The FDRY team took on the brief; following a couple of initial and creative meetings. This was to discover, in depth, the client’s website needs. The discovery sessions demonstrated to the team what our client was looking for, how they wanted their business presented, and what they wanted to achieve with their new platform. 


With our client’s wishes in mind, the FDRY design team started working out the ideal website structure. The structure kept all of Careerfolio’s users in mind. This meant leading the users to connect to other people of relevance, to find the best resources on the platform. This will then enable them to advance in their field of choice. 


The website took shape in four core areas; people, resources, companies, and groups. All of these areas interlink and work together to bring a bespoke user experience to all users. The development team sought to make a seamless user experience on the website. They did this through carefully implementing each journey with its specialised functionalities and micro-interactions.

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Overall, Careerfolio resulted in a fresh and innovative platform, for all types of professionals. All users are now able to take advantage of the websites ability to personalise their own journey in order to advance their careers.

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All areas of the website interlinked and worked together to bring a bespoke user experience to all users on the Careerfolio platform.

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