New kind of subscription service that allow BOTTL clients to easily find, access & control their wine subscription.


BOTTL is an innovative wine subscription service that is helping the nation get to the wine they love, quicker. The BOTTL founders saw the potential they had in the industry by combining a convenient subscription model and the love of good wine.


BOTTL required a complete new system, including different logic, design, and capacity from their previous platform. Looking to stand out from the competition and translate their values through a freshly designed platform that brings ease and convenience to their customers.


The FDRY UX team started by mapping out the new website architecture, looking at particular pain points from existing journeys and improving new journey solutions.

Followed closely by a complete UI redesign, BOTTL wished to keep their logo and brand colours. Brand colours were applied throughout the website to create a coherent brand image, from small design elements to bigger website functionalities.

The FDRY development team closely followed the UI, adding smooth and interactive elements to each page, allowing the user to browse through each page with interactive and engaging elements. One of the biggest interactive elements being the subscription model selection, where users have a series of stages predetermined by their preferences on each question, allowing them to have an outcome of a completely bespoke box of wines.



BOTTL resulted in a complete overhaul of their former site, with refreshed branding implemented throughout their service. Additionally, a range of subscription options for users to choose from that incorporates ideal UX journeys and seamless functionality throughout.

Looking at particular pain points from existing journeys, and improving & applying new journey solutions.

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