Amstel Drake

Branding design & development to present Amstel Drake’s highly professional & specialised service.


Amstel Drake is an Investment Introducing Agent. It is their mission to connect people and institutions seeking investment opportunities with high quality companies in the leisure, legal and commodities sector.  They are currently promoting three fixed rate bonds and working in conjunction with David Lloyd’s Development M-B and Holmes Investment Properties. Amstel Drake offers experienced investors a solid door to find an investment strategy, combining value buying through relationship based sourcing and transactional complexity.



Amstel Drake sought a brand design that would present them in a fresh and professional way to ignite their online presence. From this brief, our designers had a lot of freedom to get creative. They required a strong logo and colour scheme that would be the basis of their entire branding, it therefore needed to be vibrant and professional to reflect their personality.

Amstel Drake also needed website design and development to achieve a professional digital presence. They requested a platform which would present their service attractively whilst displaying the company’s offering in a simple but effective way. Similarly, for users to get the most out of the information presented on the Amstel Drake website, it was necessary to create a website that was easily navigable and encouraged users to enquire further about the investment products available.



The logo design was an extensive collaborative and creative process which explored several concepts, colour palettes and styles on the voyage to reach Amstel Drake’s logo. Our designers chose the head of a lion as Amstel Drake’s logo, representing the power and strength of the company. They explored colour schemes to discover a more contemporary palette that would be impactful on screen and portray Amstel Drake as the professionals which they are within their industry.



We set about working the content into a bespoke design, incorporating Amstel Drake’s branding and attractively presented the company’s offering in a simple but effective way. Our starting point was to consider the user and what they expect and want to see, from experience we know that the best approach is to discover and implement user friendly functionality. Our web design team collaborated with our developers to ensure that website functionality engaged clients so the investment opportunities Amstel Drake offer were clear, and the sign up process was well signposted. Clear call-to-action buttons were installed linking directly to inner pages within the website such as the Investors Portal. In addition each page has a side navigation menu allowing visitors to navigate through the website with ease, creating a smooth user journey.


The resulting brand identity designed by Foundry Digital is striking and allows Amstel Drake to stand out within their industry. The classy colour scheme exhibits reliability and style, providing users with the sense that they can have confidence in Amstel Drake. The simple but bold colour palette creates maximum impact and the clean yet stylish website layout extends the brand colours and logo to give Amstel Drake a strong web presence.

The entire layout of the website is clear and structured for visitors to easily navigate with an overall fresh and spacious feeling created through using a clean and structured layout. Call-to-action buttons and a user friendly side panel further aid easy navigation on the Amstel Drake website.



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A classy colour scheme providing users with confidence in Amstel Drake

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