Clinical Virology Network

A front and backend system to facilitate virological discussion for The Clinical Virology Network.


The Clinical Virology Network is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote the interests of clinical virology, and its medical and laboratory practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


The FDRY team was appointed by the Clinical Virology Network to give their website a refresh, the Clinical Virology Network sought an online platform to host their members, with the ability to consult each other via a forum and information on partners and departments.


The FDRY team did a deep dive into what the Clinical Virology Network required for its new site, looking at the complex website structure and the requirement to maintain vital virologist network areas that are key to the community.

The FDRY design team put forward a new design to reflect the modern approach being taken to virology issues in the network, whilst ensuring all areas of the network, including the forum, were fully optimised in functionality and usability for virologists to consult each other on topics that concern public health.


The Clinical Virology Network resulted with a refreshed website, with a cleaner and easy to use front interface, as well as an easy to manage backend system. The Clinical Virology Network team is able to host and moderate virological discussions, as well as update vital information within each of the network pages.

FDRY built a system to facilitate virologists discussion on issues to concern public health.