Working from home as a creative agency

It comes as no surprise that the FDRY team have had to say goodbye for now to our lovely Fulham office and are now working from home as a creative agency (at least until we get the go ahead to return!) we have adapted so that all of our work and daily work laughs go unchanged.

Our designers, developers and project managers have been maintaining the same work pace and routine to ensure that we are still getting our high quality work to all of our clients. We wanted to see how everyone had been doing, and so, we asked each person how they motivated themselves each day:


Developing from home

Andrea, Paola and Jonathan gave us an insight on how development is going at home, and what increases their productivity.

Whilst Andrea has been rediscovering music (he’s getting into NOFX again), Jonathan mentioned that looking at development as a puzzle keeps him inquisitive, along with Paola making sure she is staying resilient in order to smash out as much work as possible. As well as collectively agreeing that a passion for development made things run a lot easier!


Designing from home

Our designer Laura gives her advice on how she maintains her creative flair when designing from home! It is of vital importance to keep a large pot of coffee or tea on her desk, this will help when doing 45 minute sprints with a 5 minute break in between – these breaks can consist of reading relaed articles (to keep the focus).

Secondly, planning! Planning out the day and breaking down the workload into digestible chunks will make the day easier to organise and complete!


Managing from home

Our director, Andres, tries to keep a professional routine, more so when working from home. With the day usually starting very early, having a morning shower, followed by a good breakfast to then prep for the day ahead and make notes for the critical morning briefings.

It’s also important to keep discovering new things! Andres has been listening to the music of an Italian composer, Puccini, which helps with relaxation.

Organising from home comes easy for our project manager Tilly. Organising and prioritising in the mornings is essential, that way you are able to get a considerable amount of tasks done by lunch time. This leaves any extra time the afternoon for extra work or prep work for the next day!

An essential during any work from home is to also get a good amount of fresh air at least once during the day, whether it be sitting in the garden or sitting next to an open window to get a good flow of air.


We’re still FDRYl!

Whilst we miss our lovely Fulham office, working from home as a creative agency has given us the chance to work on our strengths in a familiar environment. Meaning that all of our existing clients and new clients get the same quality of work. Need our services? We’ve got the team ready to go, Just drop us a line!

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