Web Design Trends 2022

Whilst the year has already started you can still make sure you’re ahead of the upcoming web design trends 2022. The trends outlined below will help to make sure that your website is current and eye-catching to the user!


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Layered Effects

Using images that stack over one another, creating a 3 dimensional effect. A great eye catching element, it can be obvious and direct or more understated. After countless years of focus on clean pixel-perfect and minimalistic designs it’s time for something new. Multilayers of images are a great way to challenge the eye. This results in users taking more time to explore.


Brutalism design is considered as raw, unpolished designs with clashing colours and untraditional layouts. It is seen as a reaction against artificiality and lightness, going against the grain and sticking out like a sore thumb. This type of design will encourage your website to stand out and attract attention.


When it comes to branding, it’s abundantly clear the importance of storytelling. This should be portrayed everywhere possible to create consistent brand image. This is why scrollytelling is a perfect solution to get your message across. Scrollytelling is a popular way to leverage a digital interface and convey an intricate story. It creates a narrative visualisation for the user, making the information easy to process.

Bright and Bold Colours

This may seem obvious but bright and bold is back. Using contrasting colours enables the user to focus and stimulate emotion. Bright colours have a positive effect on emotions. If your brand is looking to create happy faces then this is the trend for you! This style has become the go to for vibrant, eye popping web designs.


With the surge of 90s fashion and dreaming of pre-covid times, nostalgia is trending more than ever. Users are looking for comforting experiences and forms of escapism. This design trend calls for a slower approach and turning to old school styling. Using classic filters, retro fonts, grains, textures and soft lighting.


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Pay attention to the web design trends 2022 and match them with your business targets. Knowing what your target audience relates to is the best way to make the most of following the website design trends! If you need any help with revamping or aren’t sure which direction to take your website, get in touch with FDRY.

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