The biggest news in e-Commerce

The biggest news in e-Commerce – Welcome Adobe Commerce.


Adobe Commerce is the combination of Magento and Adobe Experience Cloud. In 2019 Adobe announced the official launch of Adobe Commerce. This merge is essentially a fully managed, cloud based version of the Magento platform that seamlessly runs with the pre-existing Adobe Experience Cloud features. Such as; Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Experience Manager.


To put more simply: “Adobe Commerce is a bundled offering that provides companies with a flexible and scalable end-to-end platform to manage, personalise, and optimise the commerce experience.” 


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What are the features of Adobe Commerce?


  • Hosting- As previously mentioned Adobe Commers is cloud hosted. This means that the duty is still on the merchant to make updates and handle the website maintenance. 
  • Headless Offering- Allowing separation of the front end and back end in an e-Commerce application. This allows you the freedom of expression to build your website however and whatever way you want to. 
  • Analytics- One of the benefits of Adobe Commerce is that it integrates with Adobe analytics. This enables businesses to have a greater understanding of their data.
  • Flexibility- Since merging with Magento, Adobe Commerce has the accessibility to be highly customisable to whatever specifications you have. 
  • Omnichannel- Having an omnichannel strategy means that you can reach as many customers or potential customers as possible, whichever platform they are wishing to shop on. 



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Who is Adobe Commerce right for? 


Of all the big e-commerce platforms Adobe Commerce is the ideal solution for businesses that are looking to sell their products across multiple channels. For example, Marketplaces, comparison shopping websites, social media and website traffic. Although Adobe Commerce has slightly higher TCO (typical cost of ownership) than other platforms such as; Shopify, it allows you to have greater variety and your website will be more unique than others. Something which enables competitive advantage over those close to you in your industry.


Adobe Commerce


How FDRY can help you. 

 At FDRY we have proven experience in helping our clients create smooth and enjoyable platforms for quality customer experience. If you are motivated by the biggest news in e-commerce  and want to know more, get in touch! 





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