Preparing ecommerce shop for Black Friday website traffic

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all-important shopping days not only for online users but for ecommerce businesses. Whilst shoppers are out to get the best deals online, ecommerce shops and servers might be dealing with high Black Friday website traffic.

Studies show that on average, black Friday searches have increased by 80% over the last two years and the average ecommerce shop can see up to three times more website traffic than normal. So ensuring your ecommerce shop is prepared for Blak Friday is essential!


How to prepare your ecommerce shop for Black Friday website traffic


Website speed

Black Friday is all about the rush, and making sure that your website can keep up with each user is important in getting those conversions. With the average attention span being 8 seconds, your website speed will determine whether a user stays on it or not. Meaning that all of your images, files and content are ready to go as soon as possible. Compressing images and files is only one of the ways that this can be achieved!




Server capabilities

Don’t let Black Friday website traffic overwhelm your website because your server is not capable! If you are on a shared hosting plan, consider going over to a virtual private server (VPS), which will give you more storage space and capabilities. Don’t wait for something to go wrong on one of the biggest shopping opportunities of the year!




Make your website responsive

Since 2014 mobile phone traffic has been beating desktop traffic in the ecommerce sector and every year, the trend of increase in ecommerce sales on mobile phones continues to grow. This makes responsive website design all the more important. Making sure that your website is accessible on all devices, including mobile phones, will allow users to easier navigate your website, with the same defined user journey as desktop website design.





Make a good first impression

Website design and content should not be forgotten about! Now that the users can get onto your ecommerce shop with ease, they should be greeted with clear website design, readable and watchable content, and a smooth user journey. Making it clear and functional what your best deals are and communicating this through clear and concise copy will aid your conversions.





Need help preparing your website for Black Friday website traffic?

Maintaining an ecommerce business requires a good user experience, but Black Friday website traffic can make this a little more work! Making sure that you have the right elements working together on your website will determine how your conversions will turn out. So if you need help with preparing your ecommerce shop for Black Friday sales, just contact us and see how we can help!

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