Maximise your business

To maximise your business It’s sometimes as simple as just making sure your website utilises its potential.

Utilising your potential to ultimately maximise your business, is achieved through automations and plugins that can be added to the backend of your website. These simple add-ons can make a world of difference to the way your business runs and operates.

Accountancy software

Accountancy Software is excellent for streamlining your business and making the mundane admin tasks easier. Software such as Quickbooks and Xero are great options to implement into your website. Both enable you to stay on top of your taxes, payroll, expenses and more! If you want to make your ecommerce business accounting and analysis of your finances effortless then this is a must have.

Middle 01 Accountancy Software

ERP to manage products and inventory

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process management software, it integrates a businesses financial data, reporting, manufacturing, HR and supply chain operations. These systems can deliver a complete, omnichannel solution that collates the back-office, in-store, and digital experiences. Users will experience a personalised and seamless shopping experience. For ecommerce owners ERP allows them to increase employee productivity, and grow their business and reduce the likelihood of fraud.

Middle 02 ERP To Inventory

Different payment options

Making sure that your website allows for a multitude of payment options is always ideal, in particular to the consumer. However, it’s good to also have the knowledge of a business owner that you can pick the payment options that’s right for you. At FDRY we have the expertise to help you make that decision. Whether you’re looking for a payment option that allows for a seamless checkout such as FAST checkout solutions, or a payment system that your customers rely and recognise like paypal or Amazon pay.

Middle 03 Payment Options


Everyone knows that analytics are important for SEO and social media, it’s often overlooked how valuable they can be for websites. Being able to track where your users are spending most of their time and which clicks are converting the most are vital for maximising your stock and understanding your consumer needs. At FDRY we are able to implement these analytics to your website to allow you to maximise your website usage. Implementing softwares such as; Hotjar and Google Analytics to make sure you have the best understanding and knowledge of how your website is performing.

Middle 04 Analytics

Delivery and shipping

In terms of e-commerce, delivery and shipping aren’t only important to the consumer paying for the services but to the business owner as well. By implementing shipping and delivery plugins to your website handle of choice you can request shipping rates, create shipping labels, generate automatic tracking codes. For example, DHL and WooCommerce go hand in hand to create smooth international shipping.

Middle 05 Delivery And Shipping


At the end of the day the solution is simple. To maximise your business you need to make it simpler for yourself and let the plugins and automations streamline the process. If you think that your website isn’t as streamline as it could be then get in touch with FDRY. We can take you through every option and configure the best route for your business.



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