Making your ecommerce website stand out by promoting

Make your ecommerce website stand out by promoting. Once you’ve got your stand out design and brilliant build, it’s time to start thinking about promoting. Promotion is integral to getting your product out there for your potential shoppers to see.

Promotion isn’t an easy process and it is common to wonder where to start. It’s an ongoing process, but these tips will get you started on the right track!

Social Media

#1 Social Media

Social media has completely changed online marketing, it has become a great way to connect with your customers instantly and build brand awareness. You can run giveaways and contests, or even one time offers for signing up to your newsletter – this can increase your likes and also encourage users to “share” your social platform, growing your followers and contacts.


#2 SEO

Promoting your ecommerce website using SEO is an organic way of boosting traffic to your site and will affect your websites ranking on search engines like Google. Use Google keyword tool planner to find keywords that relate to your product and niche market. By focusing on the keywords that have low competition and high search frequency will help you create blog posts that are compelling, and will get noticed.


#3 Reciprocal Links

If  other websites link to your site shows search engines that your website is trusted. You can use promotions, collaborations, guest-blogging, forum posting, link exchange and news articles. Focus on creating links that are relevant to your readers, and use quality keywords to gain a link. Aiming to link with high ranking, authority sites are great and will earn your website a higher ranking.


#4 Quality Content

Creating quality content for your site is vital to promoting your ecommerce website. However, don’t just upload endless material with the intention of keeping your content “fresh”. Make sure you are giving users something useful, interesting and informative about your brand or product. Producing content that people want to read is also more likely to be shared onto blogs and social media.


#5 Domain

By using a strong web address that relates to your brand is really important. The web address attracts users to click on your website and therefore, builds brand awareness. If you have a long domain name, people might not think your business is legitimate. A simple, memorable, and unique domain name can make your ecommerce website stand out from the rest.

Need FDRY help?
Making your ecommerce website stand out by promoting. To promote your ecommerce website doesn’t just happen overnight, promotion is an ongoing process – but with great potential and results if it is done right. Need help getting there? We can help you build a strategy, let’s get the process started with a free discovery meeting! Discover your future website.

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