Making your ecommerce website stand out: Build

Making your ecommerce website stand out: Build

You have a product, you have an impeccable design for your ecommerce website, now you’re ready for the build. What does the build of an ecommerce website have to do with it standing out?

When building an ecommerce website, it’s important to keep it simple whilst creating a unique experience for the user and immersing them into your brand. The focus needs to be on your product, not on trying to understand how to use a complex site. You need to find a way to make sure your website brings all elements of its build together to ensure the user is able to do this, so how do you make it easier for them? Here is what we suggest:


#1 Navigation

An ecommerce website should never be complex. If a user needs to devote their time to figuring out how to navigate an ecommerce website, they may just give up and leave! Building an ecommerce website with a clear, uncluttered navigation keeps it simple for the user, and makes it even easier to add your product to their bag!


#2 Information

You know everything there is to know about your brand and its product, but the user does not – keep your content to the point, interesting and informative. The user should not be left with questions at any point. Make sure your product details, services, contact, delivery and FAQ information is all correct and up to date, and most importantly easy to find.


#3 Responsive

Over 60% of web searches are made from mobile phones? This statistic changes regularly, but usually only gets higher. Building an ecommerce website that is mobile friendly is becoming more and more important. Your product is then accessible anytime, anywhere from any smartphone.


#4 Optimised Loading

You have an average of 8 seconds before a user gets distracted. It has been found that 40% of users will leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Optimising your ecommerce site will encourage a higher rate of conversions and sales.


#5 Content Management System (CMS)

Should you use a content management system for your ecommerce website? We think so! A CMS gives you all the freedom to update your own content, saving you the expense of calling in a developer all the time. Choosing the right CMS platform for your needs is important, and there are things to consider such as cost, flexibility and functions. One of the most popular CMS is WordPress, as it easily integrates with most ecommerce platforms and powers 35% of the internet.


Need FDRY help?

Having a clear and easy-to-use build is crucial to making your website stand out. A brilliant build will engage the user and make their shopping experience a breeze. Need help building an ecommerce website? Our professional web developers will build your design, let’s get the process started with a free discovery meeting!



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