Let’s talk about branding your business

Let’s talk about branding your business- Branding is one of the most powerful tools a business can use to differentiate itself and its products or services from its competitors.

So, what goes into successful branding? Here’s some of the fundamentals.

Brand name

The name of your brand plays a monumental role in its perception and growth, meaning it can make or break your business. Often, the name of your brand is the first thing customers will see or hear. So, it’s got to convey the right message to capture a good impression from the get go. A catchy, unique name will be more memorable and easily retained by the customer. The shorter and easier it is to spell the better.

Your brand name doesn’t just identify your business, it also represents your unique take on an industry. There are lots of industries, and equally a lot of entrepreneurs and competitors within them. What makes a customer choose your business over another? Branding sells; and your brand’s name can do a lot of the footwork.

Brand logo

Having a brand logo is integral to making your brand successful. Firstly, above all it grabs attention. Your brand is a visual aid to represent your business and its values. A good logo should separate you from your competition. The colours, tones and fonts are all determined by the story you are trying to tell, and your logo sets the stage for this story.

Your brand logo should be the starting point for the rest of your branding. You should consider your market and target consumers, as this will guide the aesthetics of the brand.

Your logo should be versatile and appear across your social media platforms, emails, products, marketing materials, website, business cards and imagery. This will strengthen your visual identity and your customers will be expecting it! Everything can be linked back to your business via your logo – it is the foundation of your brand’s identity – an extremely important asset!

Brand assets and marketing materials

As mentioned above, your brand’s identity must be visible on all of your marketing materials. Your logo is a great starting point. How else can you make sure your assets and marketing materials encompass your brand?

You should have brand colours and typography that are consistent across everything your business owns – from your website to your business cards, it’s all got to be uniform to encourage brand recognition. Your aesthetic should also be considered; clean and minimalistic, or bold and brave? Don’t switch from one to another, and make sure your graphics and imagery also align with this. Attractive, aesthetically pleasing visuals will grab customers attention and hold it.

Visual identity

Your brand’s visual identity takes all of the previous points and more. It is your signature style that makes your business stand out and proves it individuality. A visual identity must fulfil three essential functions:

– Recognisable: by being simple and clear.
– It gives your business personality.
– It stands out from competitors.

If you properly develop your visual identity, you will draw many benefits like a growth of awareness. Visual identity will benefit positioning and create a genuine bond between your customers and your business.

Building a good visual identity from the start will give you more power over your brand and will allow you to respond quickly and effectively to changes in markets or new trends. Also an early, well-designed identity will save you money in the long run, as there will be no need to constantly reinvent your graphics; your identity is well-established and solid.

Protect your brand

Knowing how to prevent your overall brand from being diluted, damaged or taken advantage of through misuse by competitors, will help maintain its value as an asset. Legal rights like trademarks, copyright and registered designs – all of which fall under the umbrella term ‘IP rights’ – exist to help businesses and individuals defend themselves.

Let’s talk about branding your business- Need FDRY help?

Building a brand’s identity is no small or easy task, so don’t worry if it is making you feel a little overwhelmed. Our team of talented creatives are on board to help! Send us your brief to set up your free discovery meeting with us!

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