Improve the user experience with ecommerce chatbots

The next generation of intelligence is hitting the ecommerce realm! Ecommerce chatbots create a simplified user experience by offering on-demand assistance. Customers are able to easily chat with support regarding a range of issues, including payment and shipping. 

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots converse via live chat interfaces on the web and within apps. Such as; Skype, Slack, Facebook Messanger and WhatsApp. The customised plug-in is the new saving grace when it comes to customer service. The automated response ensures a voice of the company is available to assist 24/7. Ecommerce chatbots maintain the capability to converse with an unlimited number of users at one time. This means that the plug-in provides an instantaneous response.


The growth of chatbots

Artificial intelligence influences chatbots. Before AI, chatbots were generated through coded data, this meant they understood only the keywords contained within the programmed code. Since adaptation chatbots can learn from misspelt words and synonyms. This provides the most suitable answer for every unique question.


Install chatbots into your online ecommerce store.

  • On-demand chat function

Chatbots let ecommerce store’s to be set up with a real-time chat function. This allows customers the ability to ask and receive answers for queries in real-time. The use of natural language and accuracy of answers gives customers the impression of talking with a person, not a bot.

  • 24-hour customer support

Keep customers satisfied with a 24-hour support service. Customers will not be required to wait until the next business day to get an answer. For a simple questions chatbots are available day and night to monitor and respond to these online concerns.

  • A more enjoyable user experience

Present on every page of the website. Chatbots are available to offer additional information or assistance to customers at any stage of the purchasing journey. Whether seeking additional information about products or having issues processing payments, chatbots are there to guide the user.

  • Data tracking

Chatbots do more than just answer customer questions, they also gather data that will assist in future marketing activities. Chatbots can showcase user behaviours and the average user journey. Which can assist with conversion improvements and search engine ranking.


Ready for an Ecommerce upgrade?

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