How to set up an ecommerce business

Whilst most of us have a bit of extra time on our hands, why not make it count and learn how to set up and ecommerce business? If you were looking for a sign to finally begin that business venture you always dreamed of, let’s make it happen in 2020! We will take you through how to set up an ecommerce website from start to finish.

There are business aspects of it such as defining your business idea and getting your business license, and then you are left with the actual set up. How will you define your business? The branding, designing, developing and marketing of it will be what defines your ecommerce success.


Define your business idea

The first essential step to setting up your ecommerce website is to define it. The idea will give you a start to clarifying your business plan. This will subsequently help you detail other essentials required for a smooth process in setting up an ecommerce business with a good online presence, such as defining your target audience.


Get your business license

Once the business idea is properly road mapped, you’re ready to get to the fun stuff! But first, you can find out how to get through the legal stuff with a bit of help from the Government website! E.g. License finder or Set up a business page.
*Please consult legal advice independently that complies with the laws of your country. Foundry Digital is not liable in any way for your use on these guidelines.


Establish your brand

Establishing powerful branding is the first step in making your ecommerce business a success. Branding is how your followers recognise, relate and connect with your brand. So, building a lasting and time-proof brand is worth investing your time on. You will need to ensure that your branding resonates a positive, memorable experience for your customers to return. After you’ve established your brand, you can have to create branded content for your shop!


Get your website designed

Website design may be at the back of your mind when setting up an ecommerce business, but it is an incredibly important factor. Whilst you may have an idea of the look and design, thinking about the very last detail of it can get lost. Especially with all of the other things that go on when setting up an ecommerce business. However, the design step is important, so no matter how long it takes, you need to get it right the first time!


All the technical stuff

Getting your ecommerce website developed tends to be the most time-consuming task of the process. It is one of the most important steps because it’s all about your customers experience with your brand, from every little function on the website down to the payment process. Learning about all of the different ecommerce platforms can be overwhelming, so getting a clear understanding of each will help you pick the best one for you!


Getting the name out there

It’s the last hurdle and without a doubt the most fun! Getting your name out there as a brand is your chance to show off your new website and share all your content ideas. Remember that content is essential for growth. By ensuring that all website copy is optimised to your specific target audience is essential in reaching your customers. Whether that’s through social media, content pieces, email or paid advertising. Making sure the bridge of communication is there as it is what will make your ecommerce business successful.


Set up an ecommerce website

Setting up an ecommerce website is never quite as simple as it seems when doing it on your own, especially if you want long-lasting success! The FDRY team will make sure that your e-commerce business is ready to go! Send us your brief or give us a call we will show you how to set up an ecommerce business.

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