Crafting the elements of the website to convey a classic, organic feel for Antiquiologist.


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The Antiquiologist brand follows a passion for individuality expressed through unique homeware. Antiquiologist Source classic pieces to brighten up any home. Setting them apart from mass-produced, mainstream trends and fashion.


Antiqueologist came to FDRY with their unique idea to present an online space for one of a kind antique pieces. The FDRY team was required to create and implement branding elements into the website, as well as integrating Shopify into the backend for easy content and product management.


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Antiquiologist colour palette



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FDRY had the pleasure of creating and implementing branding on Antiquiologist’s website. It called for a logo to represent the importance of time and location, as these aspects often define antiques. FDRY incorporated these aspects into the logo. First, by altering the typeface, as seen on the “A”, with a clock arrow across it. The “O” with a magnifying glass effect.

To create a unique feel to the website, staying away from a mainstream look, FDRY designers crafted the elements of the website to convey a classic, organic feeling. The organic feel manifested in a nature-inspired colour palette, staying away from big pops of colour and clichés. We made sure to create an ideal typeface to convey authority and authenticity for their brand.

FDRY developers configured Shopify as the chosen platform Antiquiologist. Providing unlimited product uploads and a smooth checkout process, further helping the website create a pleasant experience in line with Antiquiologist brand and mission.

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The result was an exceptional website to showcase the antique products uniquely. FDRY implemented individual design elements to keep users engaged throughout the website, creating a calm and classic experience while browsing through and purchasing.


Individual design elements were implemented to keep the user engaged throughout the website.