Web Design and Build

We combine our love of good design and passion for coding to build websites that create an impact.

Our web design and development teams work closely to build unique websites that give equal priority to aesthetic and functionality. Whatever your business, our web services deliver beautifully designed, user-friendly websites that will attract users and generate leads.


Bespoke web design tailored to your audience

Our graphic designers love producing websites that are not only creative but that offer usable solutions. By developing an in-depth understanding of who your audience are, our designers can build a user interface that will engage visitors and enable them to connect positively with your brand. We’ll also take the time to create bespoke creative concepts that are unique to your brand values and that are specific to your target market.

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Coding languages and frameworks

We involve our coders throughout the web development process to ensure that all functions and designs are well-integrated into the website build. We offer a flexible development service to accommodate your needs and our developers are skilled at building websites using a range of programming languages and frameworks including: HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JAVA, Flash (ActionScript), Node.js and ASP.net.

Responsive design

It’s essential that your website is accessible on every type of device so that users can engage with your brand on a desktop, or whilst out and about and on their mobile device. We build all of our websites to be fully responsive, meaning that our web design projects are robust enough to appear on all screen sizes without losing resolution or functionality.

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CMS development

As well as building your website, we can provide you with a Content Management System that allows you to easily maintain your website. You will have control over all content so that you can make edits if and whenever you need to, fuss-free. Our development services include building CMSs using a number of platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Concrete 5 and Joomla.

Search engine ready

Throughout the web development process, we make sure that your website is fully optimised for search engines. Our coders integrate optimised structure as well as relevant meta information, attributes, .xml sitemaps and targeted keywords and phrases so that search engines like Google can fetch and rank your web pages easily, helping you appear higher up in search results.

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